Recyclable By-Products for a Greener Future

Audubon Metals generates a number of recyclable by-products which are separated from our process; and are sold both domestically and internationally. This includes:


A mixed metals package that consists predominately of Stainless, Zinc, Copper and Brass. Our heavies are sized into three different packages, each having their own unique combination of metals.


Mixed magnesium cast scrap.

Shredded Electronic Scrap (“E-Scrap”)

Circuit boards from end-of-life vehicles and various appliances.


At Audubon Metals, we leverage our expansive expertise to our customers’ advantage by providing superior technical service across multiple sectors of the business. In addition to the benefit of our modern metallurgical acumen, we go beyond a simple product supplier relationship and partner closely with our customers to provide a full range of customized services. With over 100+ years of collective experience across a wide range of metals industries, we are proud to offer customers skilled resources to achieve their goals in Metallurgical Chemistry, Quality, Technical Operations, Scrap/Materials Management, Logistics Support, and Industry Networking.